Computer Repair and Technology Services

We offer a wide variety of information technology solutions for your home and office. Below is a list of our most popular services.

  Commercial and Residential Services  

Advanced WiFi Solutions
Ever experience dead spots or low bars with your WiFi? We can fix that. Upgrade to a seamless WiFi environment with multiple wireless access points and ensure coverage throughout your home or place of business.
Data Back Up and Recovery
It is important to implement an effective data back up system. Let us help you avoid data loss. For those who had to learn the hard way, our data recovery services may just save the day!  We are also pleased to be partnering with File Savers for clean room data recovery at highly competitive rates.
Emergency Services
Even at our regular rates we have quick turn around times, however, if you need emergency 24 or 48 hour service, we have an emergency plan designed for you.
Low Voltage Wiring
Let us handle all of our low voltage wiring needs and set up your network while we are at it!
New PC Installation
With affordable on-site rates we can come right to your home and set up your computer in its native environment, connecting it to printers, WiFi, and other peripheral devices.
PC Optimization
Computer running slower lately? We use state of the art programs to hunt down junk files, realign files on the hard drive and adjust start up items, thus minimizing the overall load on your hardware and making your computer a lean, mean processing machine!
Remote Support
When it’s inconvenient for you to come to the lab or schedule an on-site visit, let us help you remotely.
Custom Computer Build
When you buy a computer from Nate’s Computer Repair, you can rest comfortably knowing that we put the best components in your machine while meeting your budget needs. See a list of our most popular custom computer builds here.
IT Service Contracts
We understand that, as a business owner, you cannot afford for your system to be down. Although our service contracts can be used to fix problems, they are designed to help you prevent problems from ever happening to begin with.
Mac Repair
Yes, we can fix your Mac! Specializing in out of warranty Mac repairs.
Network Administration
Let us set up your network in-home or in your place of business. We choose the right products at the right price to meet your needs and get your computers talking to each other.
Broadband Bonding
Faster internet no matter where you live. Click to learn more!
Server Management
Let us ensure your server is running optimally and that appropriate security firewalls are in place.
Video Surveillance Installation
We can install wired or WiFi accessible cameras for your home or business. Everything from nanny cams to office security.

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