Nate’s Story

Nate shares a little bit about why he left corporate America to start his own company.

“I wanted to focus on customer service and be customer-centric and really put the customer in the spot light.”

#funfact When Nate started [...]

A Bit of Holiday Cheer | Frequency Coffee

We joined Emily, of Mustard Seed Fair Trade, and Jack at Frequency Coffee for coffee and conversation.

#funfact The barista featured in the film is Ryker, the owner for Frequency Coffee. He generously let us take over the coffee [...]

A Bit of Holiday Cheer | Mustard Seed Fair Trade

Our friends over at Mustard Seed Fair Trade helped us bring a bit of holiday cheer to everyone this year.

#funfact This video was filmed during the Living Windows Festival. Once a year, retailers in downtown Columbia remove their [...]

A Bit of Holiday Cheer | The Magic Tree

Our team bundled up in winter wear from Mustard Seed Fair Trade and had some fun at the Magic Tree.

#funfact It was below freezing outside when we filmed this video!

#funfact Any shots of Jessica, [...]

University Avenue Bed and Breakfast | TV Installation

If you drive south down College and take a left at University Avenue, just a few houses down and on your left live Brian and Kathy Slind.
They’d love to have you over for brunch sometime.
How does made to order omelets with [...]

Is Columbia an iPhone or Android Town?

This fall’s release of the iPhone 5c and 5s got me thinking…Is Columbia an iPhone or an Android town?
After all, whether you carry an iPhone or Android in your pocket can say quite a bit about a person, and presumably a town.
So, [...]